If You Like Huffpo You’re Gonna Hate This…

Diversity in the workplace. Some people shout from the rooftops how tolerant and open minded they are while not so secretly their hypocrisy rings loud enough for all to hear. Recently, The Huffington Post, ever the standard for journalistic integrity, posted a picture of their editors. My conservative heart was dismayed to discover that Huffpo seems to be drinking their own Kool-Aid. Not only was the room all women, it lacked the Sherwin-Williams-esque colour arrangement I’d expect from a place like Huffpo. I also failed to notice any transgender people, magical unicorns, or men. I’m sure a group of white women is really a great diverse place to work, one hallmarked by what types of wine these women like and their newest Subaru purchase. I’m sure they speak of how beautiful the Middle East is, even though they’d never visit there and know enough of some European language to baffle those they consider below them.



But therein lies the problem with what I call liberal hypocrisy. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for workplace diversity. I like my mind challenged, my thoughts provoked, and being brought to new ideas by those who I don’t agree with. However, those at HuffPo seem to be against anyone questioning their contrived opinions on politics and free thought. Instead of Huffington Post allowing themselves to create an environment where not only could they have a diverse workplace, they’ve also robbed themselves of customers to their website. Let me put it this way, women read Huffpo, and men who don’t know how to talk to women read Huffpo with a zeal that would make a Muslim give up Sharia law. I don’t read things from Huffpo, well, because I’ve got enough of a mind to get my opinions elsewhere. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not a fan of affirmative action, but I’m even less of a fan of being told why I should do something or be someway, when those telling me don’t do it themselves.


So congratulations Huffpo, for choking on irony, for highlighting how much you’re doing to improve diversity, and for giving me a real good laugh. It’s odd for a gun-toting, freedom-loving, Ted Cruz fan to say he’s disappointed in Huffpo, but I’m disappointed. I’m sure your journalistic integrity remains intact, along with your pride in denying anyone else a chance to work at your jaded organization. The next time you’re fawning over your favorite Food Network show and explaining why you gave your child a gender neutral name, just remember, we all know you’re full of shit now.

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