Innovation Over: The Bland State of Apple


When was the last time you heard something new and exciting coming out of Apple?

The innovation well has run dry, and frankly, I’m getting a little bored.

The biggest story about this company as of late? Three new iPads and a special anniversary iPhone.

Big whoop! I’ve seen it. I’ve used it. I’m over it.


Do you need an iPad in a different size? I don’t. Until the one I use breaks, or you blow my mind with a life changing design, I’ll keep my spare change locked away.

I’ll be the first to admit; I’m usually last in line for a new gadget. I didn’t get a smartphone until September of 2016, and it was an iPhone 5. I don’t enjoy tech, and I’m usually unimpressed by the new gadgets and gizmos that everyone else is so excited about.

But now, even the tech fanboys and girls of the world seem to have written off a company that at one time had more cash on hand than the United States government.

Apple can’t even impress Consumer Reports anymore, with how poorly their most recent MacBook Pro performed in a test. Do you know what Apple said? That CR used faulty test methods, or that there was a bug. A bug? In an Apple product? You shouldn’t have to explain away your problems instead of addressing them. It seems as though Apple is already headed in the wrong direction.


The run is over.

What always happens, happened. You had a good run and it inevitably comes to a close. Remember MySpace? AOL? Napster? They had their runs, their time in the sun, and at the end of the day something better came along and kicked them to the curb. Their ideas were no longer the best, the newest, or even the most exciting.

But there is a silver lining for Apple.

Nothing better has come along yet. Isn’t that a telling statement? You’re only on top because no one is better, not because you’re the best. Until consumers see a new exciting venture on the horizon, they’ll stay loyal.

There will be new innovators, creators, and geniuses who have a clearer vision of the future than Apple currently seems to. And at the end of the day, anniversary iPhones, touchscreen watches, and new iPad sizes simply isn’t going to cut it. When those new ventures come along, Apple won’t be ready, and the power they now hold will be lost to the new masses willing to spend two nights camped out for the new tech.

I’m a tough sell, and getting me onboard with the latest and greatest isn’t easy, but the future looks like it holds more than one bite out of the Apple sales.


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