The State of Liberty

Everybody seems to want to leave.

California is talking about seceding from the Union. Part of Colorado wants to become its own state. And now Washington might split in two.

Yup, if some lawmakers get their way, everything east of the Cascades may soon be the State of Liberty. I’m not kidding. And all regulations, government intervention, and jokes aside, I tend to agree with those who want to split up the state.


Look, I like the west side. I’m from the west side, but what’s represented on the coastal side of our state barely represents the values held by the hardworking people who live in Cle Elum, Ellensburg and beyond. Sure you have your blue dots in this sea of red, the CWU campus, parts of Spokane, but what’s been coming out of Olympia lately and the mouth of Governor Jay Inslee worries me.

I interviewed Inslee last fall before his reelection bid, I’m up for a national radio award for that interview. And as much as I pressed him on it, the only issues he was concerned about were things happening in King county. He talked about traffic, hospitals, and a higher minimum wage. He completely failed to recognize, other than saying that he was from the east side originally, that there are real people with real issues who need attention outside of Seattle.

And it’s not all on his shoulders, but when you tell people about Washington what do they think of? The Space Needle. Not hay and grain, not industry, not farming, not apple orchards, none of that comes to mind. And we’re ignored. Washington is the second highest producer of wine in this country, behind only California. Did you know that? Nobody on the West side seems to be aware of it. It’s all about Starbucks, and buying stuff online. Mention hard-working blue collar people and Seattleites seem to get rather confused.


I know 51 stars doesn’t look awesome on a flag, I know the odds of a new state are about as good as Donald Trump being our next President and the UK leaving the EU (oh wait…), but at the end of the day if our voices don’t count why are we still here?

When I was a kid in California, there was a constant debate about northern California creating a new state called Jefferson. You could drive through and see big signs and buildings proudly proclaiming themselves as part of the State of Jefferson. It never happened, and it probably never will. I don’t think anyone should leave the United States, leave the Union, but I don’t quite understand why we always try and stay so firmly locked in to our current system.

Let the west side have Patty Murray, Jay Inslee and the like, we want leaders who represent us.



Image courtesy of KXLY


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