Comey: The Man Everyone Loves to Hate

FBI Director Speaks on Civil Rights and Law Enforcement at ConfeIt’s safe to say that now isn’t a good time to FBI Director James Comey. He’s been attacked over the past year from both sides over his handling and investigations into the Clintons, Wikileaks and Russia. On the outside looking in, it appears as though he has no real friends on Capitol Hill and his enemies seem to heavily outnumber his allies.

The question we must ask is, is this actually a positive that we can attribute to James Comey?

Think deeply about the last year in politics, primarily on our own election. And while the discussion on it has most certainly been over done, we must look at what Comey has done to potentially change our perception of how this all came about.

He has been berated by Republicans for his attacks on Wikileaks, calling it “intelligence porn” as well as his investigation into the potential of Russian involvement in our election. At the same time he has made many Democrats angry over his release of information in regards to the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton at a crucial time in our election.

So what does this tell us? That James Comey, for his part, is investigating and looking into any and all issues that could negatively impact our democracy. His direction at the FBI in times such as these isn’t without its faults. But it seems as though it’s his integrity and that of the FBI that Comey is the most interested in protecting. These characteristics are becoming increasingly rare, and whether you love or hate his politics, he’s a man on a mission to do what he believes is right.


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