School is in Session


It’s safe to say that most people feel that it’s the job of a school to educate and help make their students the most well rounded citizens they can. Besides our families, schools and the education we receive there will shape us immensely.

A few weeks ago I was tasked with joining the Agency team for Ellensburg School District, an opportunity for me and my teammates to take the load off of the school district and allow them to focus in on their students. I’ve had other clients through agency, clients I liked. But I feel a much deeper sense of engagement by helping out a group of people who are doing everything they can to help promote and grow education in our community.
There should be no distractions in providing the best education that the school systems can. And in the moments when they have to update their website, edit it, update social media, or announce an event, it takes away from precious and valuable time that could be dedicated to engaging students.
Only a few decades ago education was much simpler. I don’t mean what was taught, I mean the interactions and attitude that citizens took towards the school system. Now every school has to handle a website, social media, and providing updates on every activity they perform. And in these changing times, if I can for even a moment lift that burden from our educators then I feel as though I’ve helped achieve the same goal that they’re striving after with their students.


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