No Days Off


It all went dark.

I was sitting in Bouillon, meeting with Professor Jennifer Green discussing my portfolio, a requirement for me to graduate. Then everything goes black. There I am, sitting in total confusion for a brief moment thinking someone had turned out the lights.

One minute I’m showcasing all the work I’ve completed at Central, the next the campus seems to be in chaos. I leave, frustrated that I wasn’t able to finish highlighting my work and as I wander back to the radio station where I spend most of my time. Everybody is walking out of buildings, overjoyed for a day off. Then I get a text that agency is cancelled. But there is something much different about agency, and it has to do with the work that goes into it.

Despite our class being cancelled, and despite the chaos of a campus without power, the work must go on. Our clients expect results 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It doesn’t end, and our understanding of that hard work is key to our success.

Oftentimes I worry about “days off” or “time to relax” when I think we should always be looking to the future and what’s best for our clients.

Scandals don’t wait, social media posts need to be posted, and solutions need to be found. If we aren’t prepared to work around the clock then maybe we aren’t in the right profession.

So what did I do on my “day off” from agency? I finished up a project I had been working on for my client, looked to what needed to be done next, and prepared for the hurdles ahead. And that’s exactly how we must think as PR pro’s. Being ready for the real world doesn’t mean days off, it means being ready for whatever may lay ahead. And that’s the mindset I’m ready to take into the professional world.


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