The FBI? Russia? Comey? No just Anthony Weiner.

James Comey. The FBI. Russia. Collusion!

These seem to be the talking points on all the mainstream media outlets as of late. And they sell well to an audience who is more interested in eating up their words than they are in facts. Shocking I know.

But what everyone seems to be skipping over today is Anthony Weiner, a man known best from late night monologues and as the butt of many jokes about…misconduct. He would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for the meddling kids, and by that I mean seriously, there was a child involved.


Anthony Weiner has said he will plead guilty today in regards to a case last year involving him and a minor and some pictures sent between them that were inappropriate, not to mention seriously illegal.

But that’s not my point. We all know he’s a sicko, and nobody on either side should be defending him. What’s more interesting is how the mainstream media decided to skip over the part he played in the reopening of Hillary Clintons FBI case.

giphy1What you say? It wasn’t just that Comey wanted to get Trump into office? Nope. Just like most scandals in Washington this one had a little Weiner involved.

You see, when the FBI started investigating Anthony Weiner and his interactions with a 15 year old girl they took his computer and they searched it. That’s what the FBI does, kind of their job. But not only did they find enough evidence to apparently get him to enter a guilty plea, they also found emails linked to the Clintons on his computer which he shared with his now estranged wife Huma Abedin, a top Clinton aid.

Whoops. Consider that case reopened.

So Anthony Weiner quietly becomes the scapegoat, the media gets to act like it’s everyone else’s fault and Clinton never gets any of the blame. It’s a good move. But don’t forget history, and the next time you hear some talking head say that Hillary lost because of sexism, James Comey, or some Russian collusion, tap them on the shoulder and tell them that this is the second time Weiner has messed up some Clinton plans.




Don’t believe me?


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